The Designer


Estela Huber's career started overseas where she became an architect with experience in residential design. Later in her career she pursued graduate studies in architecture at the University of Minnesota where she explored diverse topics such as computer aided design and urbanism. She completed her education at Drexel University where she received her Master's Degree in Interior Design. Her exposure to international and domestic schools, lifestyles, cultures, and markets gives her a unique ability to draw originality, functionality, and innovation to accommodate a wide variety of situations. The combination of architecture and interior design shows through in the functionality and beauty of her designs. Her objective is to create harmony between the client and the space, whether commercial or residential. Estela, an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers, has strived to complete her projects on time and within each client's budget. She has developed a unique combination of freshness, exclusivity, functionality, and maturity. Her work finishes when the client finds joy and satisfaction with the new environment.

Our Business Philosophies

Respect for the Client: A personal and professional relationship ensures that your objectives are clearly defined as well as achieved. Communication is critical and this is where we excel!

Honesty and Integrity: Our goal is to deliver superior value to every project by maximizing quality and minimizing cost. We strive to give you the finest materials to fit your needs and budget.

Work Completed on Schedule: You can expect careful and personal inspection of every facet of the installation of your project. We work hard to make sure that all work is done correctly the first time, minimizing the inconveniences that are related to projects of this nature.

Follow Up: We are committed to your total satisfaction and are eager to assist you with every detail until your project has been successfully completed!